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Vectorium Airdrop is worth up to 13 VCTP tokens (~$ 13). Invite friends to earn 2 VCTP tokens (~$ 2) for every referral.

How to join

  • 1. Chat with the Vectorium Airdrop bot.
  • 2. Join Vectorium Group and IcoRate Channel on Telegram. (Mandatory, +2 VCTP in total)
  • 3. Follow VectoriumIcoRate, and Enea on Twitter. (Mandatory, +3 VCTP in total)
  • 4. Complete more optional tasks to earn up to 13 VCTP tokens in total.
  • 5. Verify your mail & submit your VCTP Wallet Address to the bot. You can create a webwallet or download the App for a wallet here.
  • 6. Invite friends to earn 2 VCTP tokens per referral.

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More about Vectorium

Vectorium is a project which intends to tackle the issues associated with the increasing waste generation and improper waste management. The project introduces two different cryptocurrencies - Vectorium Flash (PoW-based) and Vectorium Plus (PoS-based) and it also brings forward the so-called waste to coin (WtC) process. This is the endeavor of generating electricity, as well as cryptocurrency, from the primary treatment of waste or the processing of waste into โ€œfuel crypto-mining source.โ€ In its own way, the WtC process is a type of energy and coin recovery. Most of the WtC processes tend to generate electricity and/or cryptocurrency through sublimation or even produce a fuel commodity such as methanol, synthetic fuels, or methane, for example.

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