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How to join
  1. Go to airdrop form and complete social tasks as follows:
  2. Join SCN Channel.
  3. Join SCN Groupm
  4. Follow SCN Twitter Page, retweet last post and tag friends.
  5. Follow SCN Facebook page, like, comment and share the last post.
  6. Follow SCN Medium page. Give Claps to last post. 

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More about Silvercoin

Silver Coin is a coin created specifically to enter the global market, Silver coin is created using a decentralized smart contract ethereum, Silver coin can be used in all sectors to replace cash. Be it privately or in groups, Silver coins are built to improve the public economy technologically, competition with the number of stable coins makes Silver coins one of the coins that are helped to compete with many other stable coins, especially USDT, USDC and others.

Share this airdrop on social media: