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Required tools:
How to join:
  1. Visit the Habits Airdrop Page.
  2. Sign up with your details and verify your mail.
  3. Login and go to your dashboard.
  4. Pass your KYC. (+2000 points)
  5. Join their Telegram Group and Telegram Channel. (+1000 points each)
  6. Follow them on Twitter. (+1000 points)
  7. Subscribe to their Newsletter. (+1000 points)
  8. Submit your details in the Habits dashboard.
  9. Earn 100 points for every referral (Max. 150 referrals).

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More about Habits Project

Habits is the world’s first augmented reality fashion e-commerce, powered by blockchain. Born with customers’ in mind, Habits’ mission is to give back to shoppers what they deserve: the right to try before they buy. Habits is creating an accessible, low-entry barrier e-commerce platform with competitive product listing costs, optimized thanks to the opportunity of uploading products in the form of 3D models. Through our App and Smart Mirror, Habits leverages augmented reality to innovate online shopping by offering customers a unique and unprecedented virtual try-on experience. Brands wishing to increase their visibility can sponsor their fashion products on Habits, while ensuring a guaranteed reach on their marketing investment. The HBX Token is the fuel of the Habits store: it allows brands to target their customers and obtain guaranteed AR Try-Ons. Traditional social media focus only on boosting impressions; when a customer tries on an advertised product on Habits, a HBX transaction takes place simultaneously on the blockchain, providing transparency about the marketing campaign. Habits proposes a more evolved version of the impressions concept, allowing users not only to see the product, but to wear it thanks to the power of augmented reality technology.

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